Individual Eyelashes

  • Cat No: NP027
21,50 BGN

Price: 21.50 BGN = 11 Euro 


• Package of 120 individual eyelashes per box

• Enough for 4 to 6 placements depending on the desired volume

• Made of synthetic fibers that mimic natural lashes

• Deep black color without any shine

• Adds volume, length and / or curve to your natural lashes

• Eyelash glue is NOT included in the package


Lenght: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

CONTENTS: Synthetic fibers


How to use: Remove the bundle with tweezers, grasping the entire base and pulling up sharply. Dip the base of the bundle in eyelash glue and glue it as close to the natural lashes as possible. Place as many bundles as needed or according to your personal preference. Once you have completely finished applying it, you can blend the lashes even more with the natural ones by waiting a few minutes for the glue to dry completely and add mascara.


Made in PRC